Remembering thrombolites

Do you remember when you visited the thrombolites?

What do you remember?

Can you remember what the weather was like? Was it hot or cold, windy or calm, sunny or cloudy? Was the weather comfortable for you? Was it good weather for thrombolites?

Can you remember what the thrombolites looked like? Did they remind you of something else? If you could touch a thrombolite, what might it feel like?

What sounds did you notice while you were at the thrombolites? Did the thrombolites make a noise?

Did you notice any smells? Could you tell where those smells were coming from?

What other creatures and plants can you remember seeing? Where were they?

What sounds can you remember? Can you make these sounds?

Or did you notice these signs and the creatures shown on them as you wandered along the path past the grasshoppers, the spiders and their amazing webs on your quest to find the “blue birds” (splendid fairy wrens)?

How did being at this place make you feel?